Meet Noeline

Photo / Video:  Jason van Bruggen / Dot Dot Dash 

Meet Noeline - an 11 year old girl from the village of Ambonidobo, Madagascar.   

We first met Noeline in 2015, when we visited her village in central Madagascar.  At the time of our visit, Ambonidobo had 0% access to a safe water source.  The closest source of water could be found down a steep and crumbling trail that ended at a small pool of water, unsafe for anyone to consume.

On a daily basis, Noeline and her sister can walk up to 6 km collecting water and carrying it home in a jerry can that weighs 44 lbs when full. The water they collect is for her family - a family of 7 that must survive on 40 litres of water per day; water that is unsafe to consume, and dangerous to collect.   

In 2016, H2016Toronto worked to raise money to impact the daily life of Noeline, and hundreds of other girls like her.  With access to a closer and safer water source, Noeline will be able to do other things, like go to school, support her family and take charge of her future.  

Visit us next week to see how H2016Toronto has impacted Noeline's life one year later.