World Water Day

11.7 million people in Madagascar live without access to clean water.  That is the equivalent to 4.5 times the population of Toronto.

If half of the population of our country lacked access to safe water, it would mean a full blown humanitarian crisis. It isn't easy to imagine a similar strife: here, in the land of the free, Water supply and sanitation is nearly universal and generally of good quality. Moreover, we don't spend 40 billion hours annually collecting water from questionable sources. 

Such extensive journeying means women and girls don't experience life in the way we know it. Collecting water is often a woman’s job. It’s tedious, exhausting, and painful work. Treks take the place of learning and loving, it lends to poor sanitation and critical illnesses. It's a dire problem on a catastrophic sale.

Today, on World Water Day, we implore you to take action. On April 28, we're hosting an event to raise $25,000 to benefit communities in the Belevabary district of Madagascar. When you buy your ticket, you minimize the burden of this crisis on millions of girls and women. We believe clean water has the power to instill hope for a better future. 

Join us in amending this grave injustice. We can give women the opportunity to spend less time worrying about surviving, and more time simply living.



Cydnie KalkhourstComment