Meet Vero

In anticipation of World Water Day, we can't think of a better preliminary celebration than the introduction of the second of our four Mada-Mama's, Vero.

If you aren't picking up the resilience in her gaze (a penetrating one her gorgeous baby girl has clearly inherited), allow us to assure you: to know her is to revere her. Vero has spent her entire life in the village of Tsarafangitra, meaning she was a girl, and now a woman and a mother who has never in her lifetime had access to safe drinking water.

At 38 years old, Vero is also our most experienced Mama. She has already successfully raised her two sons, who have since flown the coup to start their lives in the city. Today, Vero is a single mother raising her four-month-old baby girl.  Every day, Vero walks kilometers upon kilometers to an unsafe water source for drinking, and cooking, and additional distances still to bathe her baby, do her laundry, and care for her livestock.

Through every adversity, Vero persists. She doesn't take sick days and she's never had a respite. Each day of her life has been spent in careful consideration of those around her. For the woman we know to be so dedicated and spiritually generous, we're working on her retirement from these arduous daily treks. With the installation of safe water wells in her village, Vero, for the first time in her entire life, will have time to consider her own needs. She'll be able to better care for her perfect little cherub, and perhaps enjoy the spoils of motherhood by sitting back and watching her grow.

We have the opportunity to change #herH2Ostory on April 28th. Join us in celebrating this incredible mother. Your solidarity means a lifetime of difference.