We're honoured to introduce to you the focal point of our crusade: Mothers.

#MomsMatter will be a collective of short videos & accompanying posts that illustrate a modicum of daily life for the mothers of Tsarafangitra.  Located in the Central Highlands of Madagascar, the village of Tsarafangita is home to the four incredible women who invited us into their homes and lives in an effort to relay their stories to you.

The imagination of your impact starts here. With your support, these mothers will have access to safe water. This support returns to these selfless women their lost time. Begin to imagine what you could do if millions of hours spent walking to unsafe water sources was returned to you for the first time in your life. From our conversations with these women, we know the true gift that will result from your support is more time for them to spend with their families, more time to improve their health, and perhaps the greatest gift of all, time to imagine having a unique impact of their own.  

Watch the video below to fall in love with the heroines of #herh2Ostory.