#herH2Ostory - Cindy Chang

Cindy with some friends in Central Ethiopia in 2013 

Cindy with some friends in Central Ethiopia in 2013 

It's #WaterWarriorWednesday! This week, we meet the life our committee party, Cindy Chang. Read on to see why Cindy wants to impact #herH2Ostory!

Q: Besides being life sustaining, why is water important to you? 
A: Water is life. Clean, free-flowing water is something we take for granted on a daily basis.  If we had the choice to bring that same clean free-flowing resource to others, why would we not?  Water, in this instance, connects perfect strangers to each other and that's magic.

Q: What goes on in your life besides H2OToronto?
A: When I'm not an H20 ambassador, I love to work, hang out with my super girls who inspire me and spend my time with my honey and best friend, Jo, who loves and supports my passion for the cause.

Q: How do you intend to impact #HerH2Ostory? Speak to reasons this cause is unique from your perspective as a woman/mother/sister/ally of justice.
A: It's important for us to keep all of her-stories alive, circling back to why we are doing this.  We do this because we can help and we do this because we need to ask for those who need it.  It's beautiful that this cause ties so closely to women, even though it impacts all in their communities, women are the most affected.

Q: Which outcome are you most passionate about impacting through this event be it education for girls, opportunities for women,  healthy children, hygiene & sanitation, environmental preservation...
A: All of the above!  It's all an interconnected system and every part is important. Without the initiatives for clean water, women must spend their time collecting unhygienic water from far for their families.  With these initiatives, we are able to free women from the far treks, provide clean water in their communities and teach everyone about water sanitation.  It's like the perfect trifecta!

Q: What motivated you to be part of H2OToronto?
A: The first time I heard about this campaign 6 years ago, the facts spoke for themselves: 377 people die every hour from disease linked to poor sanitation and contaminated water and 4100 children die every day in Africa from water related illnesses.  How could I not help?

Q: Describe yourself in 5 words
A: Passionate, grateful, compassionate, active and oh-so happy!

Q: Tell us a happy memory associated with water
A: So many!  I've always had great memories as a child with water. Whether it was swimming on a hot day, drinking a large glass of ice water, jumping into a lake.  As an adult, I've seen what water means to different people.  When I went to Ethiopia with WaterAid, the clean water that was brought to communities brought a smile to the community from ear to ear.  That made me super happy.

Here's the oh-so happy Cindy Chang feeling lucky to love this fresh Canadian water 

Here's the oh-so happy Cindy Chang feeling lucky to love this fresh Canadian water 

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