Ehiopia 2009 - Darlene's Story


In February 2010, I traveled to Ethiopia with WaterCan/EauVive to visit the existing and future projects that Collega has assisted in funding in recent years.  I was able to participate in this incredibly eye-opening trip as a result of my fundraising efforts for the I Walk for Water 2009 campaign.
To say that this trip opened my eyes and tugged at my heart is an understatement.  The thing that surprised me the most as I reflect on the trip is that I left Ethiopia full of hope, not despair.  I am filled with hope for the communities in Ethiopia and the other countries supported by WaterCan (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya) because I now know that every penny we contribute is put to use by amazingly passionate local partners who help build efficient and sustainable clean water sources in areas that need it the most.  
While I left hopeful, I still return home with first-hand knowledge of just how much more there still is to do!  In addition to visiting completed sites and new project locations we talked with people who are still living without access to clean water.  This is a shocking thing to witness and think about.

The images below show some of the many hopeful people that I met along the way.  In others, you will see the great need that still exists:  women and children who make the long, and often dangerous, walk to unsafe sources of water shared with cities, animals and their communities.

- Darlene